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Justin Wildridge Film Composer

Justin Wildridge Film Composer

Justin Wildridge is an award-winning composer for media.

He specializes in music with a unique thematic quality that seamlessly blends orchestral and electronic elements to create emotionally charged soundtracks. Justin has developed an impressive track record over the last decade, with his music featured worldwide with companies like National Geographic, Discovery Channel, Moonbug, and others.

Justin Wildridge is also a multi-instrumentalist who has performed with orchestras and rock bands over many years and some of the songs on this site are a testament to his gifts as a songwriter. 


            ‘Heart Class II’ Martin Percy Unit 9 Productions (3 Films - 2024)

            ‘AI Basics’ Martin Percy, Unit 9 Productions (2023)

            ‘Canadian Heart & Stroke’ (Score for Four Interactive Videos)

Martin Percy, Unit 9 Productions (2022)

            ‘Thomas & Friends’ (Train School & All Aboard - Moonbug Entertainment) (2022)

            ‘Spine Chillers’ (Album for Atomic Music Production) (2022)

            ‘Shock The Monkey’ (Title Track for Web Series - Director Rob Hutchinson) (2021)

            Children’s Game ‘Old MacDonald’- Soundtrack for Amrak Ltd (2020)

            ‘Geko’s Garage’ (Animated Children’s Series) Moonbug Entertainment (2020)

            ‘Climate Emergency’ - Full score for an Interactive Video for University College London/Unit 9        Productions

            ‘143’ Wicked Winter Films - Feature Film Full Soundtrack (2020)

            Echo-12 - Theme and incidental music for ‘Mimi & Ti’ (2020)

            ‘Penumbra’ –  An album commissioned Album for Thermal Music TV (2019)

            ‘Thomas & Friends’ (25 Episodes) for Moonbug Entertainment, London (2019)

            ‘Rana & Riv’ (Animated Series - 20 Episodes - Titles and score) for Ethos Entertainment, India (2019)

            ‘Real Talk’ & ‘Heart Class’ (Interactive Videos) Score - for Unit Nine Productions, London (2019)

            ‘Press One For Redemption’ (Short) Score - Max Ward Productions          (2019)

            ‘The Dead and The Dying’ (Audio Movie) Score/Sound Design - Audio   Legends(2018)

            ‘Land of Winter’ (Short) - Score - Fat God Productions (2018)

            ‘Father of the Man’ (Short) - Score - Fat God Productions (2017)

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